Blink of an Eye – 14 new songs

We put another album up, free to download. Pull of the Moon and Blink of an Eye both now available on SoundCloud

If you are interested in a disk, check out our pages on CDBaby Pull of the Moon and Blink of an Eye

You can also purchase the albums buy clicking “Buy” below.

Also feel free to keep listening, downloading and sharing it for free using the SoundCloud widget below. Thanks again!

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40 Responses to Blink of an Eye – 14 new songs

  1. Sara says:

    Absolutely wonderful music. I’ve been listening all day.

  2. Curtis Montgomery says:


    I’m a Engineer/Producer from Minneapolis, MN.

    I just gotta say I love your music. Unless you are wanting to give your music away for free, I’d suggest taking off the download links, and getting payment links up ASAP. This is going viral real quick. By tomorrow you’re literally going to have 10s of thousands of views if not more spread between youtube/this site.

    I’d suggest avoiding itunes as they take 30% of all revenue not to mention you’ve linked your site in every video. Just have a payment link/paypal ext. on your site. with a Digital Download.

    You’re a diamond in the ruff in this sea of shitty music, so I’m just leaving some pointers you may or may not know. I hope the best to you sir.

    Thank you.

    -Curtis M.

    • Reid says:

      I really hope he goes the route of a payment link for digital download. It’s right in front of me for free.. Yet I’m buying it. I think more people are like this, too, when there is something of such quality. :)


    • zizubamax says:

      Do this, and you will become Reddit’s most hated person ever. Just look at what we did to Woody Harrelson.. Instead, put a ‘support the artist’ link, or sell your whole album for a dollar [like Louis CK did with his comedy], a lot of people would buy it. Still keep the live streams on your website. Besides, as I understand from your sons/daughter’s post – you are retired and doing this out of love…don’t put a price on it…

  3. ripghoti says:

    Your music is wonderful. Bookmarking this page and hopefully you will release an online album for purchase. I don’t buy many records now (too many bills to pay), but for this, I will make an exception. Keep making great music!

  4. John, Sweden says:

    Sounds great! You should set up a donate-system :)

  5. Charlie says:

    Love the music! Would love to see you here in Nashville one day!

  6. Friend of the program says:

    This is some great stuff. The internet is a wonderful place to discover excellent music. Best wishes, keep doing what you’re doing.

  7. S.geir says:

    Thank you for giving your music away for free, Ghost Upon the Water really caught my attention and it has been on repeat for the last 20 minutes.

    Keep up the good work friend.

  8. Fred says:

    Lovely music, and I’m not usually one for jazz! Hope to hear more!!

  9. Star says:

    Do you plan to tour at all? I would love to see this live.

  10. Ceci says:

    I want to throw money at you. :-) I’ve signed up to be notified of the CDBaby release, but really, if you can negotiate doing digital download/sales, that’d be my preferred method of purchase.

    Awesome….awesome work. Applause.

  11. Juan Quiceno says:

    dude your father is great!! he should have started singing a looong time ago. very relaxing music. I just imagine me watching an awesome movie with this as a soundtrack when I hear it.

    please tell your dad he’s awesome from Colombia South America. 😀

    I wish he becomes a very big artist!

  12. Gary Stoneking says:

    Paul, your music is great. I’m glad you quit your day job, and I think you will be glad, too. I bought your album tonight, I’m listening to it now, and the only danger is that I will play it into the ground.
    Do you play live anywhere close to Minnesota?

  13. Paul Walsh says:

    Hey, I just purchased the digital download, but had my internet drop out right after I confirmed via Paypal. I dont exactly know where to download the album, any help?

    Tell your dad much love from Fort Bliss!

  14. Mark Smith says:

    Awesome. Just downloaded and added some meta information for my collection. I wish you the best!

  15. Mr. S says:

    Ah, SoundCloud limit has been reached for some of the songs, guess time to pony up for what you really do deserve!

  16. EN says:

    I was previewing a video called “Caine’s Arcade” this evening and thinking about what it means to be creative (prepping for a class) when I found a link to your music. I think your music and your story also embody what it means to be creative. And, I love your songs! Will be purchasing the album.

    ps: I have a recently retired musician dad, too.

  17. Carlos says:

    😀 I love the music!! Made me fall in love with a full new genre! Plus I love the up beat been looking for good music with a positive vibe!! Thanks. 😀

  18. Keith Chima says:

    As a son with a retiring father who is excited to pursue some of his more artistic dreams as well, I’m happy to purchase this album. I love this kind of music, and I’m more than happy to support a great musician and father. Keep doing what you love :)

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  20. Derek says:

    Just came back today and saw the purchase link… Thanks for putting this up! Glad to purchase music that actually goes into the musicians pocket.

  21. Dom says:

    Take the download links off! this is far too good to be had for free!

  22. João Felipe says:

    Where i can buy via paypal?

  23. Reddit pointed me here, and as a lover of many forms of music – metal, jazz, classical, and rock, to name a few, I usually go where Reddit points to.

    Now I’m proud to say Paul Miller has a place in my collection, too.

  24. Gerard says:

    Paul, thank you. You’ve been on my phone all day.

    I sincerely hope you will keep offering your music in many forms.
    Paid, for free, on Youtube, soundcloud. And if you ever tour the Netherlands, please let me know.

  25. Cameron Smith says:

    Lovely music, been listening all day :)
    Could you maybe post up the lyrics?

  26. Ceci says:

    Birds of a Feather….who’s the female singer? I love her voice.

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